Plasma Rich Platelet (PRF)

Plasma Rich Platelet Treatment

PRF Treatments are a natural solution to treat areas that show signs of aging. This process is especially beneficial for under the eyes to treat tear troughs. 

The Process

This treatment involves your own blood. Once one vial of blood is drawn, the blood will then be separated in a centrifuge that allows for the plasma-rich platelets to be seen. The combination of PRF and hyaluronic acid will act as dermal fillers to rejuvenate the face areas that show signs of aging. 


Since this procedure is a series of treatments, clients will begin to see results within the last three weeks of the eight-week period. There are also long-lasting effects such as:

  • Tightened skin
  • Higher collagen production
  • Enhanced skin quality

Clients will be able to visibly see a more youthful appearance after only a few treatments.